Here are some tools and resources for Japan related small business owners, entrepreneurs, free lancers, creatives, and side hustlers! These are some of the services we use and recommend to help you get started and organize your business a little better. A business owner often has their hands full and some of these resources can help you both reclaim some of your time and build a profitable business. 

We are proud users and affiliates for some of the tools below. Some are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and choose to make a purchase we may earn a small commission. But don’t worry, you pay nothing extra and there is no additional cost to you. In many cases we have found great value in these online services and tools, but please do not spend your money on anything you don’t feel will help you on your particular Japanpreneur journey. 


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“If you make sure that you provide an experience which is really not replicable, then your customers will be doing your selling for you.” 

-Mac Salman (Podcast Episode :043)

The Complete List Of Unique Business Ideas To Start In Japan

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5 Essential Business Startup Expenses

Some things you just can't afford to skimp on when you are starting your business 


How To Choose The Best Location For Your Japanese Restaurant

Explore all of the unique factors in choosing the right location for your Japanese restaurant


Best Tips For Foreign Entrepreneurs In Japan

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